PZ400: Wood Fired Pizza Oven Model PZ400


Fast: A handcrafted pizza cooked over real wood flames is ready in just 3 minutes.

Easy: No need to turn the pizza or manage a fire with this pizza oven’s advanced controls. The technology you already love has been upgraded to deliver brick oven flavor with the press of a button.

Consistent: temperature variances are almost non-existent with the same technology we use in our pellet grills.

Versatile: The temperature range of 250°F-900°F means this oven is not limited to pizza alone. Give authentic flavor to calzones, quesadillas, Stromboli, desserts and much more.

方便: One of the primary benefits of the Cookshack Pizza Oven is its size. Most wood fired pizza ovens are bulky or need to be left outside. With the PZ400, there is no need to remodel an entire kitchen to add gourmet pizza since it can be installed under a standard commercial hood.


Shipping Weight:400 lbs.
Outside dimensions:37.5"W x 27.75"H x 26.25"D (33.375" with door open)
Front Loading Hopper: 25 lb. capacity
Included Equipment:4 bags of pellets (20 lb. bags), pizza stone, heat deflector, operator's manual
Approximate Fuel Consumption:Recommended temperature of 700°F: 2.25 lbs. per hour. High (900°F ): 3.1 lbs. per hour
Time to Heat Up:Approximately 20 minutes to reach700°F; 1 hour for the pizza stone to sync to 700°F
Pizza Cooking Time:Approximately 3 minutes for 1 large pizza at700°F
Cooking Capacity:1 large pizza up to 16" in diameter
烹饪面积:16" x 16" Pizza Stone
Electrical:120 V, 5 amps; cord length is approximately 54" (may vary by 6")
Construction and Insulation:Double Walled Construction surrounding 850°FSpin-Glas® Insulation

NSF and UL Listed Commercial Cooking Equipment (USA and Canada)
Made in the USA!